A little history on the location

In the early 1920's, O'Connell Island provided winter access for Sunset Island residents by means of a removable foot bridge placed across Tuscarora Bay. This bridge connected the northwestern area of O'Connell Island to the old Island Store on Sunset Island. In the time following World War II, Mr. Bill Beccue purchased O'Connell Island. This area today includes a marina with dockage, repair and storage facilities, the Island Yacht Club and what is currently the Sunset Grill Restaurant. Although it does not appear to be an actual island, O'Connell Island was at one time separated from the mainland. Following his purchase, Mr. Beccue removed the small footbridge over the narrow channel of water separating the island, replacing it with a large culvert pipe and constructing a roadway over it. Mr. Beccue also established the boat basin and built two large Quonset huts, a boat launch and the dockage you see before you. The building now occupied by the Sunset Grill was the original clubhouse for the Island Yacht Club. The wood for much of its construction came from the large pine trees on O'Connell Island. In fact, Mr. Beccue set up a sawmill on the island specifically to cut this timber. The Island was called Beccue's Island until, in recent years, it was changed back to O'Connell Island by a former owner, Dean Johnson. As told by C.F. Horton. Winter Bridge from Sunset Island Store Dock to O'Connell Island, circa 1920's.